The term “the film that breathes” refers to gas and moisture permeability that is inherent in VitaFilmplus. Alternative VitaFilmplus formulations have, in addition to other physical properties, a range of different breathing characteristics to suit specific applications.
Most important to the packaging of freshly cut meats is effective control of Oxygen and moisture within packaged environments. This is necessary for ideal presentation of pre-packed meats and as a vital component in preservation against unnecessary early spoilage and food waste.
The hygiene protection our films provide against frequent handling is also an important issue that cannot be underestimated during the cycle of fresh meat sales.

Meat films with our champagne colour

Maintenance of the fresh red “bloom” of cut meats, universally associated with freshness and optimum consumer appeal, can be achieved only through maintaining a supply of oxygen, sufficiently controlled, to the meat surface. VitaFilmplus provides for this controlled transmission for fresh meats while simultaneously protecting against dehydration and any external contamination risk that might result from inappropriate handling.

Release of excess moisture from packaged fresh meats, especially under circumstances of sudden temperature changes, is also necessary to minimise conditions that contribute to undesirable or accelerated bacterial growth and odours. Moisture vapour transmission characteristics of VitaFilmplus film allow for the gradual release of excess moisture from the packaged environment.

Moisture vapour permeability also supports the maintenance of clear packages for ideal fresh presentation.