At Breathe Fresh we believe that the packaging products we produce should have a low environmental footprint, and minimal impact on the environment after use.

PVC resin has one of the lowest embodied energies of all plastics as it can be processed at much lower temperatures than most other polymers. It is not 100% derived from crude oil (unlike polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or other similar materials) so can be considered a more sustainable resin. In total, just 43% of PVC resin is derived from crude oil, the balance is obtained  from an abundantly available raw material…. SALT! Plus, in most typical applications, by using a Breathe Fresh film to wrap and protect your food product you are nearly always using the least amount of packaging possible.

After use, almost all film products are directed to landfill by local councils, consistent with most soft/flexible packaging items. PVC resin is non-toxic and inert, so can be safely sent to landfill where recycling and/or waste to energy solutions are not available. Further, there is no evidence to suggest that our film product contributes to the toxicity of leachate in a landfill environment.

A 2003 report by Dr. John Schiers for Environment Australia states:

On the basis of the available research and evidence the landfilling of end-of-life PVC seems to be environmentally acceptable when mechanical recycling and thermal treatment processes are not possible. The overall conclusion of the most recent studies is that PVC products do not constitute a substantial impact on toxicity of landfill leachate and gas.

Breathe Fresh further supports our commitment to sustainability by being a founding signatory to the Vinyl Industry’s Voluntary Product Stewardship Program. Since 2002 we have reported annually against each of the pillar commitments, including energy and green house gas efficiency, responsible waste management/reduction, responsible raw material selection and avoidance of any heavy metals or toxic materials. For more information on the Vinyl Industry Voluntary Product Stewardship Program go to

Breathe Fresh is a member of APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) and has been a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant since 2001. Where commercially possible, we seek ways to reduce our material usage, select more sustainable packaging materials and divert as much material as possible into recycling opportunities and away from going to land fill.

There are some exciting new global technologies emerging that, we believe, will facilitate greater recycling of post consumer films in the years to come and we watch this space with interest. However, in early 2020, we introduced a new, Biodegradable Film option, which has been independently verified to meet the requirements of ASTM D5511, where the resin in the film will biodegrade over time in a land fill environment. In the absence of current, effective and meaningful film recycling capabilities across Australia, we feel this technology provides our more environmentally sensitive users with a more sustainable end of life option. Please contact us via for further information on our expanding product range that utilises this new technology.