Our vision at BreatheFresh is to create value to our customers through providing innovative technologies and building leading manufacturing platforms. As a result we are proud to offer the latest, state of the art, extrusion processing technology to the Australasian market.

VitaFilm Plus is now available from BreatheFresh and assures you:

  • Improved tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Unsurpassed stretch, cling and seal strength
  • Even greater machineability with the latest automatic wrapping equipment
  • Supreme gloss and sparkle
  • World-class gauge consistencies
  • The same proven and trusted VitaFilm performance you’ve come to rely on
  • The new benchmark for film wrapping performance

VitaFilm Plus ensures you the ultimate performance on every wrap, and further enhances the already famous breathing characteristics across the entire range of VitaFilm Plus products. 

BreatheFresh, a proud Australian manufacturer, investing in the future, for today’s and tomorrow’s generation.